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I originally posted this as a chapter in babyrhinos collab. and come to find out he wanted to keep the collab as just him and a friend but hadn't posted that anywhere on the story page... so I'm reposting here and am opening THIS one up to the public! DON'T BE AFRAID TO POST!

Theme: "An epic science fiction adventure set in the not too distant future, in a world where the government has a tight grip on families, and the media rules the world."

Freedom. Saying it almost makes me laugh. What is freedom? Well most would say "Having the right to do whatever you want." But if that were true, why was it so wrong that we enslaved African Americans in the early days of our country? The slave owners were simply exercising their freedom to do what they wanted. "Yes but slavery is wrong" I can hear you saying, and it's true. Slavery is wrong. But by doing away with slavery we eliminated the freedoms of certain U.S. citizens. Why? Because some people thought it was wrong. Well what gives those people the right to decide what freedom should be? Who determines freedom? Excellent question. Better yet, who should determine freedom? Well lets think about this for a second.
The individual? Absolutely not. If each individual decided their own freedom the world would be chaos. If the individual determined freedom, what would be the use of law? It would mean murderers, thieves, Hitler, etc. could do what they wanted. It would mean I could just walk up to you, take your wallet, and you would have no right to condemn me. Is that what you want? Didn't think so.
So then who? A representative body perhaps? Democracy in its essence. The government. Why not? I'm sure you have your reasons. But if not a sampling of the populace, who then would you turn?
Well the only other option would be God. But people don't want to have to answer to a higher being that they cannot control. They don't want to admit that they are wrong.
The winner is... the Government. At least a government can be controlled by the people right? Well on paper yes. In real life... not so much. That's why I'm writing this. I just wanted to tell you about Freedom. Or the lack there of. For when we place trust and power in a government we give it the freedom to decide our freedom. What other purpose does government have? That's what we did. The world made peace, and set up a global government. Rejoice hippies everywhere. We are One Nation. Not under God, not just a government, but THE Government. With a capital G. And it screwed us over.

The End

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