Targus Hitsuya


As I watched the people drink from the fountain one by one it reminded me of my birthday which was only a month and a bit ago when I had drank from the fountain and when I departed from my village.

When I had left my village everybody was happy the boy who terrorized kids and who didn't have parents was leaving  them.  It was true my parents abandoned me to the village when I was two, but I never had terrorized anyone , I was just feared by them for no reason. I grew up without having a friend, or a loving parent, but it didn't stop me from trying get accepted, I worked hard to learn how to protect all of even if they resented me. I wanted to prove I'm not the monster that they believed me to be. Through that I trained myself with my great broadsword Earth grinder, finding out I had a way with magic. Which brought me here and to no surprise I was made a guardian.

Now people are finally are accepting me, but I now feel the need to show that I'm the best. The next person steps up to the fountain, his black hair was cut short, with tanned skin. He drank from the fountain, and the halo appeared above his head, another guardian had been chosen, and somehow I felt that I was going to work twice as hard to make sure I was best.  People began to leave the fountain area as the Priestess of the goddess appeared to greet him, meet the fellow guardians in training, and of course to show him around the temple. She begins walking towards us motioning with her hand for him to follow.

" Be polite,and keep that temper of yours under control." I mutter to myself. It became quite a habit with me to talk to myself.

"These are your fellow guardians in training, Targus this is Cethin. Cethin this is Targus." The priestess says once close enough to carry on a conversation.

"Hi." I say wearing a bright smile, and bringing my hand up for a handshake.

The End

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