Cethin Night

“Don't go” Kiera cried. “This can't be your destiny. I love you, Cethin” I closed my eyes in pain. Why? Why must she repeat it? I can't return her feeling and it hurts me so much to here her confess to me. I turn dropping my bag to take her face between my two hands wiping her tears from her cheeks with a simple brush of my thumbs.

“I have to go, Kiera, and I love you too.... just as a sister” I whisper. She chokes and begins to sob heavier. She presses her hands to her face sobbing into them. It pains me to watch but now... I have to go. “Goodbye” I lean in and kiss the top of her head before grabbing my bag and walking over to Miara, my horse. I lift myself easily onto the saddle on her beautiful midnight coat before taking the reins and setting off. I easily reach the boundaries of the village and stare at the dug mark in the ground before at the fences either side of the path. Then taking a deep breath I step across. Please Goddess protect my journey.


I shift on my feet as I wait in the line of people. They're all here for the fountain... all here to become guardians. I look back at Miara with the other horses. She seems to be getting along with a brown coated horse pretty well.

Then suddenly its my turn. I step forward and I'm handed a cup by the temple staff. They easily overlook me and I feel even more nervous. I see the training guardian's watching from far off seeming to find this pretty interesting yet slightly boring. They consist of three boys and a girl. A girl whose beauty makes my breath catch. I look away as I reach the fountain and scoop water into the cup. Then I drink. People around gasp and I pull away from my drink looking up to see a halo of light and darkness around my head. Everyone kneels, except for the trainee guardian's. Is that really...?

I reach up and touch it feeling an pleasure sensation travel through my body. Oh, thank you God and Goddess for granting me your approval. A women makes her way across the courtyard and from the way she holds herself I know who she is. “Priestess of the Goddess” I whisper kneeling in front of her. By now everyone in line has moved off knowing since I have been chosen another today will not.

“Welcome, young guardian. You have been blessed by both the God and Goddess and shall become one of their chosen. Later you will meet the Priest of God but not before you settle and meet your fellow trainee guardians” The Priestess says. “Come”

And boy I do...

The End

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