Aileah: Dragon

  Night began to fall, and we made no progress against these incredibly strong Wolvenmutes. The more we fought them, the more I believed that they were not any regular Wolvenmutes...

    I began to panic, my arms heavy like lead as I swung my sword at the beasts. Even the Elves were beginning to tire. Fear was in our eyes, and I knew at some point we may have to flee for our lives.

   Suddenly, there was a far-away thud that seemed to shake the Earth and Sky. We froze, as did the evil creatures. Naria took the chance, leaping swiftly and cutting off the largest's head in one great swing. The others of it's packed whined like beaten dogs, running into the shadows with their tails between their legs.

   "Did you hear what that was?" murmured Mirena. Before anyone else could open their mouths, a similar noise came, echoing off the hills like thunder.

   "What IS that?" Jadir hissed as we all nearly dropped to the ground after the great noise.

   Neither could anyone answer his own question, as with another terrible beat, a giant shadow game from behind the nearest mountain.

   "Dragon." whispered Armes as we all stood stock still, watching with awe and terror.

   "Run to the trees!" cried Jadir as it neared, grabbing Armes arm and pulling her into the forrest behind us. Naria and Mirena followed, though I remained, staring up at the beast in wonderment.

  "Aileah!" snarled someone from behind. I realized it was Vilhelm, who had disappeared during the coarse of the battle. I didn't bother turning to reply, my eyes still locked on the great shadow, it's scales shimmering in the moonlight.

   The wind whipped at my air and clothes as it came nearer to land, it's claws outstretched to grab at the earth. Vilhelm pulled at me harder, but I only yanked my arm from his grip. With great THUD! the dragon landed, the only sound afterwards the deep, heavy breathing of the large creature. Why was I not frightened? Why did I not run?

   The magnificent dragon bent it's great, swooping neck over it's large muzzle right in front of my face. It sighed, it's warm breath swimming against my cheeks. Slowly, I lifted my hands to touch it, my fingering running along the grooves of it's smooth, hard scales.

   At my touch, the dragon's scales rippled gracefully like water, glowing with the silver beams of the moonlight and tossing rays all across the mountain top and into the dark sky. Aileah, a voice rumbled in my head, deep and rich like thunder, rain, and wind. I smiled, still gazing up at it's brilliant silver eyes, sly and wise like a cat's. Who is the fool cowering behind you like a rabbit?

   I almost laughed aloud, yet held back. That is Vilhelm. There are others, hiding in the woods. Your greatness frightens them, I suppose.

   It should, the same rich voice chuckled, a slight amusement playing in it.

   Who are you? I inquired to him, after a pause.

   You shall know me as Ghyndren, for now.

   Can anyone else hear you? I continued.

   No, only you, my Dear. murmured Ghyndren. With that, he took in a deep breath, realising onto my face. My hair flew like a flag with the great gust, flashing from honey to silver, shimmering in the light. A silver river of color spilled from Ghyndren's nose onto my fingers and up on my arm, forming a magnificent image of a dragon. The wind ended, my hair fading yet the silver image on my arm melted away to reveal the shadow of it in white. Like a scar from a burn.

   I gasped in amazement, running my other hand over the smooth, scar-like skin. What am I? I thought, forgetting that this peculiar beast could hear me.

   You do not know who you are? If you are meaning by some title, some position...that is something that you shall find out in time. Otherwise..., Ghyndren closed his liquid eyes. I believe you know exactly who you are.

   I pursed my lips, titling my head curiously. We have already waisted much time, Aileah, he continued. Mount me. We must fly.

  "What of the others?" I said aloud. By now they emerged from the forrest, lurking by the bushes.

   Ghyndren sighed irritably, his eyes flashing open. It will slow us, but if your trust and friendship lies with them...yes, they may come.

   I smiled slightly, turning around to the others. "Come! It is safe. This is Ghyndren, he will not hurt you."

   Not yet, grumbled Ghydren, and I bit back a giggle.

The End

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