Aiwendil - Battle of Maran Valley

There were bird calles. Arrows had been shot across the gap between the two cliffs attached with ropes so that the archers could attack from two sides, they were mostly on the other side. Meanwhile ropes had been attached to trees so that the elves could scale down the rock wall and hide behind boulders to launch their attack.

Another long bird call meant the archers were all in position. There were two more answering bird calls and the warriors were in position, I amongst them.

In the night, the arrows that showered upon the camp were almost invisible, so when cries of pain rose into the night air, it took a while for the Highlanders to realise what was happening. Somebody must have come upon a dead body as there was a shot and they began to look up.

"Makar!" a voice bellowed, "Gorak na tama!" I was not caught up on the language but I assumed that would meant "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" the highlanders weren't good with range, they like the personal touch of hacking people down with axes and hammers.

Thus as I predicted, they made their way to the opening towards the lake. As they came level with where we were waiting, I leapt up onto a rock and shouted in Elvish "Aelders... attack!"

The elves emerged from their cover and assaulted their flanks. There was another loud call from the elves on a cliffside to call in the elves to attack from the rear as they continued to volley arrows at the barbarians.

The Highlanders were taken by surprise, at this moment we had taken a good 100 from their ranks but now they grinned at the prospect of hand to hand combat despite the archers now obliterating warrior after warrior.

A captain came for me, he must have picked me up during my war call. His massive double bladed axe swung at me in a heavy arc that seemed to slice the very air which created an ominous whooshing sound.

I managed to dodge and sliced up with my blade. He deflected it with the flat of his axe and sliced overhead. I shimmied to the side as the axe came at me again. Despite the obvious weight his attacks came fast and often creating an impenetrable defence of offence.

Slowly my back hit the cliff wall and he swung with his axe. The weapon became lodged in the rock and I used the time to lunge with my sword. He let go of the axe to dodge and slugged me in the face. I sprawled to the floor and he grabbed my neck about to snap it. I would have been dead but Merek came at that second and attacked with his sword. The sword sliced at his arm and the beast of a man howled. He grabbed the axe and managed to pull it out. Before the Elf could react, the Highlander swung his axe in a whirlwind which smashed Merek in the side cutting deep into his ribs. I grabbed my sword and stabbed the Captain in the back.

I moved to the Elf on the floor who was already dead. I growled as several Highlanders came at me.

They attacked with their handaxes and shields. Immediately a burst of light came out of my sword and blinded them and I took advantage. I took two down with ease but the third had recovered. He blocked my attack with his shield and countered with his axe. It caught my arm and I let out a cry. With anger, my sword glowing, a pulse of light erupted from it. The light sent him hurling backwards and I jabbed mercilessly in his stomach.

I felt strange. This wasn't like my usual self, I wasn't this blood thirsty. I looked around and most of the Highlanders were dead, but so were most of the Elves. Then the meaning of my swords light hit me. From the sky could be seen darks rags of cloth.

Then from deep inside the valley, were fingers of skeletal rock jutted up and inwards like the eerie and of death, came two dozen demons. They were tall with black robes and silver breastplates with helmets that rose at the top as a trident with lapis lazuli at the base. Shardlike swords in their hands.

It was them, and all around them was a cloud of red as they sucked in the fear and pain and anger of the battle field.

"Oh no," I muttered.

The End

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