Jadir: Emotions


 My heart was light as we mounted our horses and began our treke after Ramin. I rode closely next to Armes, I would never let anything happen to her. Ever.

   Ramin. That stupid, insipid human. Not only was he putting himself in danger, he was putting us in danger, leading over Who-Knows-Where lands rampant with beasts and demons who's names we've never heard of.  If not for Armes helping Naria, I would leave this idiotic quest. And what he did to Naria! It infuriated me. I knew her love for him was great, I had learned through my failed attempt to persue her, and he tossed her away. He used her! If she didn't still love him, I would wring his throat for his stupidity.

   I glanced at Armes, my heart fluttering, remembering the kiss. She loved me. I was happier than I had ever been in my entire existence, I believe. She looked back at me with her large, beautiful eyes. Something in my stare made her blush, a pink, pretty color like spring roses blooming in her cheeks.

   We began a climb up this steep mountain, our horses straining to walk up it. I gritted my teeth and gently urged my bay mare onwards. In an attempt to take a shortcut to catch Ramin, we had taken a mountainous detour. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea now.  Stupid, stupid Ramin. Young, naive human. I continued to repeat to myself. It got to a point where we we had to dismount. I climbed from atop my mare and hurried to Armes' horses' side as she was beginning to toss her leg over the saddle to hop off. I carefully grabbed her about the waist and sat her on the ground before me. She turned around, laughing, "You don't have to do that-I know how to get off a horse."

    I laughed, not helping to lean down and lightly kissing her lips. Armes giggled and pulled away, grabbing her horse's reins. "Not now," she murmured, though I still saw her smiling and holding back more laughter. Grinning to myself, I returned to my own mare.

   The sun was dipping toward the horizon when we reached the mountain top, and were faced with an unexpected danger. A demon stood before us in the form of a great Wolvenmute and it's three companions, red eyes glowing brilliantly at us with hunger. My hand flew to my sword, and I drew it, the steel shone like sunlight.  

   Armes pulled her bow and readied an arrow-I really wished she wouldn't put herself in such danger. Grimacing, I realized there was no convicing her to step away from the fight.  

   Before I knew it, our small fight broke out-and I feared we were outnumbered dreadfully by these hideous beings. Mirena was off to the side, chanting, as Aileah worked feverishly with her sword to keep a smaller Wolvenmute away from her.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed her kill it, only for another to come prowling over. Naria was too at work, fighting the greatest of them all.  Armes was flinging arrows into the mix, injuring and distracting them further with her amazing aim. Vilhelm was no where in sight...I wondered where that human had run off to.

   Blood capped the mountaintop, as darkness began to set like a blanket over us. I feared we may have to flee.  

The End

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