Mariena - Frustration

I had woken from my faint to hear Ramin calling me stupid. Stupid, of all things. While I was different from other mages in many aspects, I did have a lot of their pride at times, and no one called me stupid, especially after I had just risked burning myself out to save his life. In fact, I still wasn't sure I hadn't burnt myself out. 

I tried to fling a fireball but all that shot from my hands were sparks. Sparks were good, it meant that I hadn't burnt away my magical ability. I had just drained it and it would take days before I was capable of working the magic to any ability again. This was lucky for Ramin though, since it meant I was incapable of striking him down on the spot.

After Ramin had taken off we once again resumed our journey. Aileah had come to check I was alright, and could find nothing wrong with me beside a few scratches and bruises from hitting the ground when I fainted. I was right to ride.

And ride we did. Since Ramin refused to rest, our rests were short and when we rode, we rode hard. We all knew that he couldn't keep this up forever, that eventually he would have to stop. However, whether we rejoined him then, or continued to tail him so as to not prompt him into another mad ride like this one, was still up in the air. If he could become convinced we were no longer following him then perhaps he would rest.

Vilhelm had suggested the very thing to me a few days into our ride, to see if there was something I could do to mask our presence. While we were hours behind, meaning Ramin should have no knowledge of us still following him, he wanted to be sure. And spells such as invisibility and silence were normally among my repertoire. However, though my magic was coming back fast, I was still days off being able to use those spells, a fact I had told the group. I didn't want them to rely on me if there was a life or death situation and not have me be able to come to their aid. What with my control issues, and my current weakness, I wondered if they wished they had another mage in the group. But then not many mages could have thrown that much power at the demon that had threatened Ramin's life.

And even if my use was temporarily diminished there was no way I was leaving the group. I may have wanted to wring Ramin's neck, or leave him to whatever fate awaited him, but the old lady had told me that he would lead me to my mother. And while she had also said that my mother would not be the one to give me the love I sought, according to her, I still had questions to ask the woman. And so I would stick with this group until we found her. 

There was also the fact I was beginning to feel a bond to some of the members of the group. There was no way I was going to risk people who I might soon call friends to whatever dangerous fate awaited us on this mad chase after Ramin. 

And so we rode. We had been riding up the mountain for days, following the silvery footsteps of the unicorn. 5 days into the chase, we reached the top. And there our eyes were filled with a most fearsome sight. 


The End

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