Aiwendil - Preparations

We journeyed hard for a day and a night without a break until we reached the mountains, but we could not face part of an army in our tired condition. Even Elves need to rest.

We pitched up tents from canvas and poles that a few elves had brought along, at the head stood a small command tent, after an hour, our war camp was ready.

I stood in the command tent, there was a makeshift table with a large sheaf of parchment unrolled upon it. It was a map of the surrounding area.

"We have our best eyes and ears scouting the mountains, it will not be hard to find, but we must discern their number and the greatest point for an ambush," I nodded in agreement.

"And an Elf is the best person for such a job... and just about any job," he smirked once and then returned to his calm mask."

I sat for a while as I waited, in a meditative position, my mind scouring the path of the young Ramin. I could see him faintly, echoes and whispers of his conversation. He was going home?

I shivered in annoyance, I was clearing the way for him and... doesn't matter. I sensed deception, going home had many implications, indeed I could not discover his true intention, but should he come this way then he shall be safe and I would be gone before he knew I had meddled. One way or another.

I shrugged of that last thought, there was glory in death, and death was not such a bad thing... it meant I could return to my love.

Somebody had entered the tent and I was pulled from my reverie. An elf stood next to the Leader.

"Merek," he bowed and Merek bowed in return, "we have searched and we have found that there numbers approach at least 250 Highlanders, we can assume they have divided their army in order to attack from multiple sides.

"They are situated within a valley, the sides are steep and unclimable, at least not when we are standing at the top shooting from the cover of the trees. They are but fish in barrels."

"And if they should flee?" The commander wondered.

"There are but two exits, one leads to a large lake where there is a cave hidden amongst rock and rubble that opens into plains and fields and on the other side the steep valley continues as a maze."

Merek and I glanced at each other.

We had but seventy-five well trained elves. We could happily situate up to twenty-five elves upon the rim of the valley cliff but we could spare no more. The lakeside seemed the likeliest option to flee seeing as the other route was maze-like, therefore we could place thirty on the lakeside and the remaining on the other side. Whichever direction they took, the remaining army would attack the rear.

We spent a further ten minutes detailing a plan before we set off into position.

The End

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