Armes: Affairs of the Heart

My blood was boiling as Ramin rode off on the unicorn, leaving the rest of us standing amazed in the middle of no where.  Naria's legs collapsed and she fell to the floor.  I was at her side almost immediately, holding her tightly.

'We save his life and not even a word of thanks!'  Jadir complained, his voice sounding decidedly irratated.

'Shut up Jadir.'  I turned and glared at him.  'Can't you see Naria's upset?'  I instantly regretted being so harsh with him but I would have to apologize later, Naria was beginning to sob into my shoulder.  'He's not worth it Naria.'  I stroked her hair soothingly and whispered in her ear.

'But I love him Armes and he loved me too.'

'People change Naria, and if he's stupid enough to not want you then you shouldn't waste your time on him.'  Naria continued to sniff into my shoulder as the rest of the group stood around wondering what to do next.

'He said he's going home,' Aileah pointed out.  'Surely that means the quest is over.  He's not going to find out who he is.'

'I can't believe you are so dense.'  The disembodied voice of the old lady rang out around us.  'He's not going to give up on his destiny just because you lot keep following him!  He's just taken another path, so for God's sake stop moping about and follow him.'

'So are we going to follow him?'  Mariena addressed the group.  No-one dared answer, all looking at the floor or the sky, not making eye contact with anyone.

'Yes.'  Naria pulled herself out of my embrace and stood up, facing the rest of the group, a look of determination on her tear-stained face.  'We can't just let him die, when we could not only save his life but help him to find out who he really is.  Why are you questioning what we should do when the answer is so obvious?'  I stood and took Naria's hand.

'Are you sure about this?'  I whispered.  Naria nodded confidently.

'I still love him Armes and that's not about to change any time soon.'  I squeezed my best friend's hand and smiled proudly at her.

'Then I'm with Naria.  We can't stand back and let something get to him before we do.  His death would be on all our consciences.'  Everyone nodded in agreement but stayed standing where they were.  'Well come on then, let's move.  He isn't going to wait for us.'

As if they had all been struck by lightning, the group jumped into action, checking saddles on horses and mounting, ready to ride.  Naria kept hold of my hand as she walked towards her horse.

'Ramin was right,' she whispered.  'Tell Jadir how you feel.  Properly this time and put us all out of the misery of watching you.'  She gave me a peck on the cheek before mounting her horse.  Jadir was holding my reins and I smiled as he handed them to me.  Our hands touched for the smallest milli-second and sparks of electricity flew between us.  Suddenly I was sick and tired of being worried if Jadir loved me too.  Throwing all caution to the wind I looked up at him, knowing what I had to do.

'Jadir, I love you and I know you feel the same way, so for God's sake just kiss me already!'  I grin spread over Jadir's face and his arm went around my waist, pulling me against him and his lips met mine.  Sparks flew and my arm went around his neck pulling him closer, not wanting the kiss to end.

'I said tell him how you feel, not waste time kissing him!'  Naria laughed as I blushed, pulling away and moving away to mount my horse.  I was smiling like a mad-woman as we set off again, Naria at the head with the rest of us close behind.

The End

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