Ramin: I defy you!

I awoke sharply to everyone around me and I cursed loudly, "Why won't you leave me alone!?" I growled, sitting upright and thanks to the elf's healing, I guessed, I walked perfectly fine.

The unicorn was gone, but it was easy for me to call her back. "Stay away from me, all of you!"

I looked to each of them in turn.

"Armes, you're very talented, but for God's sake sort out your emotions! Just talk to Jadir, sort it out!"


"Jadir, you too."


"Aileah, I have nothing against you. Not really, but you have no reason to be here! Not following me."


"Mariena, you're powerful. But you can be really dumb at times."


"Vilhelm, thank you. But I do not wish you to accompany me anymore."


"Naria, finally," I took a step forward, "I was using you," I shrugged, "you were pretty, I haven't had a girlfriend in a while and you were easy to control. Love is a foolish thing and you're an idiot to believe a human's version of it." I bowed, grinned and mounted the unicorn again.

"I'm going home."

The End

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