Aiwendil - War

I sat on the seat, watching the spectacle that had arisen. I saw the pride in the boys face, the will to do what he must, forsaking all of us. I closed my eyes and sighed, lowering and shaking my head.

"If you must go, then go with the blessing of Celestaril boy," I muttered as he rode hard on the unicorn whos silver radiance disappeared over the hill.

But I had things I needed to do.

Once the witches spell was finished, I moved to my room and stepped out onto the balcony. There was a dark cloud in the North, there was war brewing amongst the Northern Highlanders and the King that had been getting closer for some time... war that would interfere with the boys goals.

Indeed his path was now his own, but as forks appear in the road, eventually they intertwine, and so even seperate paths will influence what happens to him. And my path would take me to the war. But first I must seek aid from the races.

Long the Highlanders have sought the destruction of the humans for banishing them from the land. So great engines of war they created in the darkness under the mountains, the orange lights of the forge casting volcanic like lights into the night air. And many allies they received, there were foreigners allied against the King who desired more land and others still who had deap-seated rivalries. The Kings need would be great and I would aid him as I once did.

I had to forget my own plight, now was not the time. No, now I ride for the boy and the King. First I would seek the aid of the Elves whose alliance I was sure I could count on... even the Dwarves would come to his aid, for all their petty grievances about the woe of humankind and all, even they could not abide the thought of foreigners that could be worse.

I reached my mare and clambered onto her back.

"Come, we must go," I whispered. But there was a shadow in the stable doorway and for a moment an ethereal light bathed my face. The Lady seemed to glisten as if her very being was the moon and the hand that reached out to me, a shaft of pearlescent light. Her hair fell down like autumn curls but her eyes glanced at me. Yet as she spoke her voice was soft.

"Aiwendil," she muttered, and my horse moved to her touch, "friend of the elves," her voice was gentle in the elvish tongue, "beloved of Beranel. Long ere have you mourned the passing of my daughter, and your grief casts a shadow over this city," she stroked the head of the horse, "but now be free of this grief."

She placed her hand on my heart and a warmth spread through me. Tears escaped my eyes that fell in shimmering drops of dew.

"Do not be afraid to cry, for there is nobody here that would think less of you," she stroked my face and I gasped, for now I saw a mountain. On the mountain stood a wave of tents and fire and warriors preparing, "I release you from your grief, for now is the time to put it aside."

"Ramin," I whispered in fear.

"There is now an army that swarms over the very mountains of which he must traverse in order to reach the portal," she looked at me knowingly, "and he must reach that portal."

"But there is little time, every second now he gets closer to his doom!"

"There is now a group of fleet footed elves beyond the gate, they can run fast, indeed fast enough to keep up with even your galloping horse," slowly she turned away and the horse followed her. We left the confines of the city, throught the forest to a large hill where maybe a hundred elves bearing bows and swords, all hooded and cloaked.

"You would have me lead your people?" I wondered as I gazed upon the discipline of the soldiers who stood straight backed and ready.

"There are others that could do this, but I am entrusting it to you... should you succeed then rise above the pain that tethers you to the humans, and lo become the elf that strives in the shadows of your heart."

The End

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