Ramin: Stupid Old Bat

That old woman knew nothing, my destiny was my own and she would not foretell anything. I decided to be careful and not to follow the mountain trail to the portal, no. Nor would I be riding alone up that path. But I did not want to ride it with them. I suddenly felt furious with them, I hate them! If they follow me I shall strike them down, they have no right! I wanted to do this alone!

I yelled out a wordless shout and the unicorn began to gallop. Mariena was stupid too, the arrival of the unicorn had nothing to do with me wanting to ride off on my own. I saw here eyes dart between me and the unicorn.

And that woman, Armes! I love you Jadir, I love you... Eugh. For Elf's sake! I rode faster still, even now I even hated Naria. What business did I have with the elf? None, I don't care anymore. She's just a pesky, annoying elven princess.

I rode through the forests, if knowing who I was meant I would have to thread my destiny with theirs, then I'd rather not know. I rode safely through the dark forest, I was riding too fast now and no one dared cross the path of the unicorn. I didn't know where I would go, I guess I wanted to go home. But they'd follow me, I'd go to the high mountains to the dwarves, but they'd follow me. I'd ride... to the elven city. The king would want to know of his daughter and he would forbid my relationship with her, fine.

He'd order all his warriors back and I'll be free of all those damn elves!

That stupid old bat, she knows nothing of me and if she ever tries to foretell my future again I'll strike her down where she stands. No one has any power over me!

The End

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