Armes: Nothing is going to stop me now

I knew nothing of what happened until I woke up when the sun was creeping up over the horizon.  As the old woman had promised our packs were lying next to us.  The others were also waking up, all looking disheveled from a night sleeping on the ground without so much as a blanket.  Naria was the first one on her feet.

'We have to go now.  If we don't reach him in time then Ramin could die.'  She ran over to me, grabbing my hands and pulling me to my feet.  'Come on Armes, you know how much he means to me.'  I pulled Naria into an embrace and held her tightly.

'I know.'  I grabbed my pack and helped Naria to get everyone else up.  Jadir was one of the first on his feet and I nervously approached him.  'Jadir, there is something you should know.'

'Spare me, please Armes.  I know about you and Kynan, I saw you kissing.'  He was refusing to look me in the eye which infuriated me.

'It was nothing Jadir.'

'It didn't look like nothing,' he muttered.

'I was confused and thought Kynan was the right man for me.  I thought that because we had so much history together that we would make the perfect couple.  In fact it was our history that makes it impossible for us to be together as anything more than friends.'

'And why should I care?  That's your problem, not mine.'

'Becuase I've realised who I really love.'  Jadir looked at me, his eyes full of hope and longing.

'And.. who's that?'  This was going to be harder than before, my life wasn't at stake and I would have to live with the consequences of what I said.

'It's you Jadir, I love you.'  We stood in silence for a few seconds, neither of us sure what to say.  I felt a hand on my arm and Naria dragged me in the direction Ramin had gone the day before.

'Come on we can't waste time hanging around when Ramin could be in grave danger.'  I didn't fight her, turning around and shouldering my pack.  I felt like I had a huge weight taken off my shoulders.  I was in love and he felt the same.  Nothing could stop me now.

The End

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