As soon as the Queen of the forest had left my body, I wandered off to get my breath back. I could feel the power she had given me, and I wanted to test it out. I let the power surge through me, and the wind picked up. I laughed at the feeling of what I could do, but just as I was about to see exactly how powerful I was, Ramin tapped me on the shoulder.

"Naria my love, will you come?We are meeting to discuss the future." I smiled and kissed him, feeling his arms wrap around me. I felt safe and warm in his arms. He broke off the kiss grinning, and then we went to find the others.

They came gradually, and I passed the time growing flowers from the floor. I grinned as each one bloomed in front of my eyes.

When the last person, an annoyed and frosty Jadir arrived, Ramin began.

"My fellow travellers. You have all been loyal, but I believe that in the future you would regret the next part of our journey..."

The End

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