Mariena - Awakening.

I remembered little of the time in the woods. When I awoke I was in my room in the elven city with little idea how I got there. There was no one around to explain either.

I shook my head, to try and clear the fog from it, then rose from the bed and headed to the door. Maybe one of the others would be able to explain how I had gotten from the woods back to here with no little recollection of what had happened. 

When I left my room the first thing I noticed was the sunlight. I frowned up at it. When I had been in the woods it had been late morning at best, but now it seemed to be late afternoon. There was a large span of time that just seemed to have gone missing in my mind. That was worrying. 

I moved along the elven city, not quite sure in which direction I should go, which room I should check first. One of the elves might be the best to explain to me what had happened, and so I set off in the direction in which I hoped I would find them.

I was concentrating too much on trying to remember what had happened that I nearly walked into a very old woman. I quickly apologized, then frowned at her. She was definitely human but there was the sense of some strange magic around her for a second before it was gone. 

The old woman stared at me for a second before frowning. "Ah mage child it is best to not pry to much into the concerns of elves. I suggest you leave your forgotten memory forgotten," she stated at last. 

I frowned again. "How did you..?" I began before I was interrupted. 

"I know much child, more than you could comprehend. And I have some words of advice for you." The woman paused for a second, before continuing. "I know that part of the reason you desired this quest was to find your mother. You desire a parental figure who will give you the love you do not get from your father. And there is a high chance you will find her, if that is what you choose. However remember that, despite what she says, the woman left you. She is not the one to give you the love you seek, and in attempting to gain it from her, in choosing to stay with her you will put all those you grow to care about in danger. Your destiny is not with your mother child. When the time comes please remember these words."

Speechless I stared at the ground for a few seconds, trying to contemplate her words. When I looked up to ask her how she could possibly know all this about me I was surprised to find she was no longer there, and there was no sign of her. 

I shook my head again. It was certainly a weird day. As I walked in my attempt to locate the others in this large elven city my mind wandered again, but this time its source of interest was in the words the old woman had told me. 

The End

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