Ramin: Choosing Company

I listened to her tell me all about my past and how she knew this day would come. How this information was just for my ears, but now, as I write this, I suppose I can tell you.

She told me that I was half elf, half human. I was the descendent of a king that ruled over them in harmony with my mother, (the human.) They ruled for a while before a civil war broke out and they split. That's where my eyes came from, my nature, my power with animals. She knew all about the unicorn.

She told me next, what I longed to hear. That my journey led beyond this forest, through the mountain pass to the pool nestled in the mountains. There, I would find a portal. The portal would be hidden, to only those who knew about it.

But now, as I heard about my journey and how it would play out I couldn't help but think, perhaps it would be better if some of my company stayed here. I nodded and bowed to the elder, saying nothing more and neither did she. She simply bowed back and I muttered my thanks.

I would take Naria, my heart would break without her. I would take Mariena I couldn't leave her here and her magic would be helpful. Vilhelm, now he'd be good company but he is fragile and he must be groing weary of travelling. He will stay. Armes would be useful too, her archery is unmatched and I heard of a dragon around the mountains...

 Aileah would fight to join me, but I don't think there would be any use for her, she would just take up space... Jadir. Jadir will not go with me, he is too much of a nuisance and he has no skill I can use. Aiwendil has a knowledge of demons and will be handy, who knows what is waiting through that portal.

My company would have to be small, even though I have picked four it still seems a little too large. I would have to consult the company, if no one wished to stay behind then I will go alone. I cannot deal with so many people.

The End

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