Ramin: Hidden Elder

I stood, my eyes gazing upon the main hall of the elves. The elder, with such an ironic name sat before me. He looked not a day over twenty, with long flaxen hair and deep crystal blue pools staring straight at me I could look no where but straight back.

He motioned me forward, I stepped slowly and cautiously for I could not move any faster as I gazed upon him in awe. Each step, I contemplated who was before me. One step and a flood of thoughts, his age, though masked by his appearance was great. No doubt he lived through many wars, dazzling enemies with each breath he took.

I paused, standing before his great council, right then I had so many questions to ask, about the world and its history. But I knew I would be limited and I must stay the course of my journey. I stood, tall and noble before him, before bowing singularly.

"My liege, it is a pleasure to be within your home." It seemed however he did not expense such pleasantries.

"You are here, for your heritance. You are an heir to so much, yet so little," my head tilted for the voice did not come from the man sat upon the throne, instead a woman stood forward from behind the great chair of gold.

Her hair was as red as the deepest flame, engulfing the forest around it. Her eyes were lost, covered by an equally as rich in colour cloth. Silk, of finest blue tied around her fragile face so delicately. She wore a dress of the same colour, hugging her frame, enhancing each beautiful feature she has been gifted with. She stood, just a little shorter than I and I could feel her warm gaze, though I could not see her eyes.

The true pearl of elven beauty stood before me, with such an aura that I cannot describe. But her age, could clearly be felt, her power and wisdom. She said next but five words, "I know why you're here," and I froze as she moved forward.

Those words evoked such a feeling in my veins, as if lighting the fire in my heart and sending it shooting through my whole body, she knew. That means, she knows the answer I seek. She knows... everything.

The End

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