Mariena - Trance

I had escaped my rooms to try and avoid Greyson. As he blamed me for his being stuck in the elven city, he was determined to stick to me or any member of my group he could find, and a surly drawf made poor company.

So I had taken to a wooded glade nearby some part of the city. I was enthralled by the light coming by the trees and almost didn't notice the sound of a gong nearby. I was too enthralled by the light playing through the trees and the sense of magic around me.

Suddenly I could hear singing. My feet dragged me towards it, my mind giving me little choice. I had to find the source of this singing, I was feeling compelled to find the source. 

However after that my mind went blank. My last memory was of the brief snatch of the song I had heard before feeling compelled to trace its source. I was completely unaware that I had been drawn towards a strange elven circle, my mind lost in a trance, not taking in anything around me. 

The End

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