I wandered through the wooded glade next to the stables. The air was fresh, and soft petals drifted past me in the breeze. I had changed, and felt the soft flow of skirts around me. My dress made me more femenine, and for once I was glad of it. I needed to be femenine right now. I looked up in to the branches.

The light shone through in white beams among greeny mists. Bright splashes of soft baby pink bloomed around me and I paused to sniff one. The forest rustled in welcome. I came to a circle. Many elves were knelt around, swaying with the breeze. A woman in the centre was chanting. I joined the group kneeling. We began to sing, the song of the Abratha Kann. The song for Emerwen, the Queen of the Forest. Any elf around would find themselves drawn to this place, while humans would be put under an enchantment that would put them under the power of the Queen of the Forest, a tree spirit who would become part of the the chosen elf, apparently the girl who stood in the middle. There had been cases where the Queen had chosen another, but it was unlikely. This person would be blessed with a connection to nature so deep that any creature would do this elf's will, as long as it was good and true.

The humans around would have been warned by a gong, and would have been sent to a room where it is not possible to hear the song from. Already I could feel elves joining us, and the power surging through us was steady and strong. Soon she would be here. All the elves were now here, and I also felt another presence. A human. But I couldn't stop to look if it was one of the party. The words of the song flowed over my tongue, seeming to be part of the wind. And then I heard a voice.

"You princess, you are the chosen one."  My mind was filled with a sudden light, and I felt another presence in my mind. I stood up, and entered the circle. The girl in the centre backed out respectfully, if not slightly jealous.

""Friends..." The voice of the Queen of the Forest spilled from my mouth, sounding curious to my ears. "I see there be humans in our midst" my eyes turned and saw Ramin, Vilhelm and Mariena standing by the edge of the circle. Vilhelm and Mariena were in a trance as they should be, but Ramin was not. So was he not human then? Or was he just part human?

"Part I believe, young one" said Emerwen inside my mind, "although at this distance I cannot be sure. You must bring him to me." I gestured with my hand towards Ramin. "Come Ramin he who seeks the Forgotten Realm. I shall look upon thee with Valnariana's eyes, and see in to thy soul."

The End

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