Armes: Meeting in the Shadows

I ran along the corridors of the palace, desperate to find Kynan.  He wasn't in his room, I had no idea where he would have gone and no-one I stopped to ask had seen him.  I was beginning to dispair when I turned a corner and ran headlong into another elf.

'Kyn-'  I looked up and was met by familiar eyes.  But they weren't Kynan's.  'Oh.  Hello Jadir.'  A smile appeared on my face, as if by magic, and I suddenly felt a lot better.  Until I saw the scar on his face.  'What happened to you?'  I reached out and touched the line down one side of his face.  He winced.  'I'm sorry!  Does it hurt?'

'Not really.'

'You always were a terrible liar.  How did you get it?'

'After you left us in the forest we were attacked.'  My hand flew to my mouth.  I had been almost certain that they would be alright if they stayed on the main path.  'It was a wolvenmute and unfortunately it got my face.  Don't look at me like that, we're all OK.  Mariena led it away from us into the forest.'

'Is she safe?'  I couldn't bear it if an action I had taken had resulted in someone dying.

'Like I said, we're all OK.  She met a dwarf and he helped her to get here.'  That was a weight off my shoulders but Kynan was still somewhere in the back of my mind.

'It's so good to know you're all OK but there is someone I need to find.'  I tried to walk past Jadir but he blocked my path.

'Kynan.  I know.'  How did he know about what had happened to Kynan?  But then I remembered what Naria had said.  Our fights had been legendary.

'If you know about Kynan then you must understand that I need to speak to him.  I said something really stupid Jadir, and I don't want him to know I don't care.'  Jadir held a firm grip on my shoulders.

'And do you?  Care?'  What a stupid question to ask.

'Of course I care about him Kynan.  He's one of my oldest and best friends, I don't want to see him hurt.'  A thoughtful look passed over Jadir's face but he still wouldn't let me go.

'Is that all you feel for him?  Just as a friend?'

'I don't know Jadir.  I'm so confused at the moment I don't know what I feel.'

'But in the forest.  You kissed me and told me you loved me.'  His eyes were filling up with hurt and jealousy.  Could it be possible he liked me?

'I know I did.  At the time I really did mean it, but I don't know if loving you is the right desicion to make.  I know your heart will always belong to Naria and I'm not sure if I can deal with that.'

At that moment, a furious looking Kynan came flying round the corner.  'Kynan, wait.'  I turned to follow him but Jadir was still holding onto me.

'Please don't walk away from me Armes.'  I looked into his eyes and my heart reached out to him.  I wanted to hold him tightly and never let him go.  But I needed to speak to Kynan.

'I'm sorry.'  Jadir's grip on me loosened as I backed away.  'I have to do this.'  I didn't look away from Jadir's eyes until I had turned a corner and could no longer see him.  Then I ran in the direction Kynan had been heading.  'Kynan wait!'  I yelled.  'I need to talk to you!'

The End

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