Aileah: Old Friends and New Acquaintances

  I had met him once before, when I was much younger. It was in the first year of my arrival after I had fled from home when he spoke to me and me alone. His kindness had led me to Althen, whose care under which he placed me. I was eager to see him again, and to see if he had recieved any news from my old guardian, or knew anything of the two human men and their secrets of the 'Forgotten Realm'.

  Knocking gently on the heavy wooden door, a thundrous, bold voice declared that my entrance was permitted and the door swung open on it's own will. Cautiously I entered, sweet smells of potions and ancient parchment mixing in my nose. Books, scrolls, and strange objects I could not identify lay almost neatly scattered across the room in one of the largest collection of things I had ever seen.

   My eyes turned to the tall, dark regal figure as he stood from his desk, setting aside his long feather pen. The blue bird sat on his shoulder, a smile lighting up his old, somber face, only marked by the passing of time with the melancholy shadow in his wise eyes. He brushed some smooth, silver hair behind his pointed ear and strolled over to me, gazing over my figure.

  "Aileah! I declare, how you have grown! From a girl to a woman, yes? Time passes too quickly." he murmured in amazement. He touched my chin lifting my face higher. "Your eyes are still the same-young, soft, and pretty, unmarked by the passing years."

  Under his extraordinarily tall stance, even for an elf, I felt like a little girl again. I giggled. "Godric, how have the years treated you?"

  "As I said before, years pass like days to me now. It is as if you were still the younger child last week." he smiled sadly, then sat himself down at his desk once more. He gestered with his hand gracefully, and a chair slid out from the corner and was right beneath me. "Please, Aileah, sit down. Something stirs in this world at the moment in time-and Aileah, I believe you are somehow tangled in it."

  "Me?" I declared, sitting down. "The Forgotten Realm, is it?"

   He turned suddenly in his chair to meet my eyes. "I sometimes forget your youth and the curiousity and eagerness which comes with it. How have you discovered this name, and what other knowledge do you pocess of it?"

   "I overheard the two other humans speaking of it," I murmured, lowering my gaze. The bird on his shoulder whistled joyfully and fluttered to my own.

   Godric chuckled, "Ah, snooping around, have you?"  After  pause, his eyes darkened once more, his voice serious again, "At this point in time, it is not proper for you to know much more of this. It will come to you when destiny allows."

   'When destiny allows?' I thought, but bit my tongue, continuing, "Have you spoken to Althen the past days? How is he?"

   "Ah, my brother. Only if he would reside here-his council would be worthy to me." sighed Godric. "Yes, I have heard from him. He is worried about you, of course, and missing your lack of compan-,"

   The door flew open and a younger elf barged inside. "Kynan, you are early. Why are you fuming so?"

   He noticed me and stared at me with the fiercest of glares. I shifted uncomfortably. "What is the human doing in here!" exclaimed the young man, named as Kynan by Godric, pointing an excusing finger at me.

   "She is my brother's ward, Aileah." he said cooly and calmly. "Aileah, this is Kynan, and Kynan this is Aileah. I hope you shall find one another quite pleasant, as I am assigning Kynan to give you a fine tour about our great city in return for his rude outburst. Yes, Kynan?"

    Kynan's eyes burned and his face reddened with fury, yet he nodded briskly, biting his lip to contain any words which may escape. "Go on ahead, then, before darkness falls. Aileah, shall you breakfast with Kynan and I tomorrow?"

  "Y-yes, thank you." I murmured, feeling awkward. Why did not this man, who did not know me, already despise me?

  The younger elf stormed out of Godric's apartment, and with an approving nod from Godric, I followed, rushing to keep up Kynan's fast gait whipping down the stairwell.

  As he turned the corner, I jumped down from the last stair. Looking around, he had disappeared out of sight. 


The End

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