Mariena - Saddled with the drawf

I sighed when Greyson entered, not happy to hear he wasn't able to leave. I owed the drawf a debt for escorting me to safety and it was one I would rather was easier to pay. So if I could find a way to convince the elves to let him leave then all the better. Plus I would no longer have to be lectured on the flaws of my race. 

"Very well. I will find someone to talk to. But you stay here," I ordered, pointing to a chair. "I can't track down someone for you if your following me around."

"As if I'd do that," Greyson muttered. "The Elven city is all trees and climbing. Not my scene."

I nodded, before sending Aileah and the others who remained in the room an apologetic look, even if they did not know what it was for yet. They'd soon learn after a few minutes with this surly drawf. 

It didn't take me long to track down someone. The guard who had escorted us into the city and who had later been told off by Naria was standing close outside, muttering. I guessed he was the one to talk to. 

"Why is the drawf not allowed to leave?" I asked, striding up to him. 

"His home is within our woods and we do not tolerate drawves there. So until we decide a better place for him to go he cannot leave," the elf explained, glaring at me. 

"Who is he harming in those woods. He lives there alone," I retorted. 

"Which in itself is enough of an oddity for concern. He lives alone and so far from his people and yet so close to ours. It is suspicious to tell the least. No he must stay here until we decide what to do with him," the elf said snidely. I was about to reply when suddenly he spoke again. "And don't even think of getting Naria to intercede for you. This comes from Godric himself."

I walked back to the room, unhappy to be stuck with the surly little drawf for the time being. For until he could leave the city he would surely stick to us. 

The End

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