Armes: Anger Issues

I paced around the palace for a good hour or so, absolutally fuming.  I was so annoyed with Kynan for being so disrespectful towards humans.  I didn't recognise him as the elf I had grown up with.  As was becoming very apparent my solution to my problems was violently shooting a few arrows at a target and luckily I had my bow and arrows on me.

I stormed over to the shooting fields and found a target to aim at.  My first few shots missed the target by miles and went soaring off into the distance, but after I had regained some of my composure I started hitting the centre of the target again and again, firing arrows faster and faster until there were none left in my quiver.  I checked to see that no-one else was shooting and went to collect my arrows.

As I was pulling them out of the target I heard footsteps behind me.  'What's wrong Armes?'  It was Naria, looking as beautiful as ever and decidedly pleased with herself.  Why did I find her perfection so annoying when I was in this sort of mood?

'Nothing is wrong.  I just needed to get in some practise.'  I pulled the last of my arrows from the target violently and walked back towards where I had left my bow.

'Armes, you know I know when something is wrong.  I could feel it when I saw you from over there.'  She gestured towards the other side of the field.  'Who's annoyed you this time?'

'No-one.'  I aimed and shot another round of arrows.  'Just men in general.  I just don't get them Naria.  One minute everything is normal, then they start acting all high and mighty, thinking they are always right.'  I let loose another arrow, the bow string snapping back into place.  'But then there are the ones who just refuse to notice you and no matter what you do for them, or how nice you are, they still don't take any notice.'

'You have some serious anger problems Armes.  Please don't stress about Kynan.'

'How do you know about Kynan?'

'Everyone in the palace is talking about it.  You two have always been close and your fights are always good fun to watch.'  She smiled, obviously remembering some of the more epic fights I'd had with Kynan in the past.  'But don't judge him for being wary of Ramin and other humans.  Did you know four elves were killed in the last half year by humans?  One of them was Kynan's best friend.'  I lowered my bow and looked at Naria in shock.

'Amren was killed?' 

Naria nodded.  'Not that long ago actually.  He was out hunting with a few others when they were attacked by humans.  No-one has managed to figure out why they were attacked but Amren was killed.'  I couldn't believe what I'd said to Kynan now that I'd heard this.  He must think I was heartless to speak to him in such a way after losing his best friend.

'I've got to go speak to him.'  I ran to collect my arrows, trying to pull then out of the target as fast as possible.  'What an idiot!'  I muttered to myself.  'Surely you should have know there was something wrong.  But he was acting so normally.'  I managed to collect all my arrows and ran back towards the main building.  'If you need to find me I'll be with Kynan,' I told Naria as I ran past her.

My skirt flapped around my ankles and my hair flew out behind me as I raced towards the city centre.  Why did I have to be so stupid?  I wouldn't blame Kynan if he never spoke to me again.  I just hoped I wasn't too late to save our friendship.

The End

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