Aiwendil - Beranel

I had had no choice but to believe her, and it payed off, we got to the Elven City.

Upon entering the great gates my breath was taken from me, as it always did. My memory drifted to times past, especially to her.

We were met by a guard who was to take us to our rooms. But before I did I reached out with my mind to my horse. I had to wait only moments before my white mare came baring my equipment with the others' horses. I patted her face and took my sword before she was led away by a stable elf.

The others had already gone and I was left to reach my quarters on my own. It was simply furnished, there was a soft bed with a small table and shelf crammed with books and a small pool of water in the corner. I checked on the desk and found the inscription "Live life by the point of your ears," I chuckled to myself. She had written that.

I went to the pool and placed a hand over it, "Amé mala Godric!" the water shimmered and a face appeared within the reflection.

"Ah Aiwendil, old friend, what news do you bring to my doorstep, I trust it is not good as it never is... the last time we spoke-"

"-please do not mention it, long as it was my heart still heals... but yes, indeed it is the gravest of news," I bowed my head in sorrow, "they have returned, and they chase me, of course they would chase me, they know me and they know that they can destroy me."

"Your grief rules your heart Aiwendil," he said softly. but my mind went straight to the moment.

The sky was once more dark in great black clouds that filled the whole sky, when they had the realm under their bidding. She stood before them in her radiance.

"I'll do it," I called, "I cannot let you do this, they will kill you!"

She turned her face to me and smiled.

"But my dear I must, you are not yet powerful enough-"

"NO!" I roared, "I cannot lose y0u!" my grief only increased their power as they seemed to grow in size and drew their dark swords. They lunged at her but I caught their swords with my own, "I will do it," I muttered, but they all struck at me with their swords.

I ducked beneath and sliced one in the chest, he screamed but continued. With my shoulder I knocked two down the hill and sliced thin air with my sword, creating a wave that made them back away.

"I defy you!" I shouted, "demons of the Netherworld return to whence you came!" with that a rift opened up in the sky, a deep hole that seemed to tear at the very air itself.

"I said return!" my voice rose like thunder and they seemed to lose some of their shape and form. But then one came at me and lunged at me with their sword.

"NO!" Beranel raised her hand and the sword seemed to stop in midair. Sweat came from her forehead as she concentrated, "I seal you in the Netherworld foul demons!"

"Don't do it!" I cried but she touched the blade with one hand and my face with the other, "Beranel my love, do not do this, do not leave me... I can do it!"

"You are not strong enough yet," she turned her glare to them with a look of pure venom, "with right hand I send you back for my love and with my left hand I pass my grace to my love," her body glowed white and she stood rigid. A look of shock and pain tore at her face as the demons were forced into the hole.

With one final swing of the blade, the demon plunged it's blade into her heart.

I roared with anger and pain as she fell to the floor.

"It was my fault she died, why should I not carry the pain with me," I whispered, Godric sighed and shook his head, "I wanted to tell you they have returned, that is all," with that I sat on my bed and placed my head in my hands, feeling too many years of pain fill my heart

The End

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