I disappeared as the dwarf entered the room. Slipping down the staircase I found Ramin in the courtyard with his horse, and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned.

"Oh, Naria, it's you."

"Yes. Now Ramin, what was all that about with Valdir? He is my friend, nothing more."

"You are too close to just be friends."

"What, women and men can't be close friends? Well maybe you are right. When we were little we were sweethearts, but now, just friends."

"Naria forgive me I am just protective..."

"Ramin, I understand. But you must understand that it is you I love, not Valdir. Please do not be mad with me."

He took my hand. "I am not mad. Just slightly jealous."

I laughed. "Come, I shall show you something in order to apologise for the way I have made you jealous."

I took his hand and lead him to a large tree which stretched its branches as though trying to grasp the sky.

"This is Valdir's home. he lives with the elven elder. It is your wish to see Godric is it not?"


"The elder. Now you will have to climb to the top to see him. Follow me." I began helping him climb. We rested half way up on a branch, and when Ramin was ready to climb again I kissed him softly. "You have my heart, you strange jealous human."

He grinned, running his fingers over the skin on my cheek before returning the kiss. Then he held my hand as we began to climb once more.

The End

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