Mariena - in the elven city

I was escorted to an enclosed room within the city, Greyson to another one. It seemed they trusted the drawf less than they trusted me, for I was only given one guard while they went to fetch Naria to confirm my story was true. 

I don't know what had happened since Naria had arrived in the city, but by the time she came to where I was being held she appeared to be mad, muttering something about foolish menfolk under her breath. As a results the guards got a piece of her mind. 

"Of course she is with me you fools. You think any human would be brave enough to claim to know a princess of the elves unless it was true and they could back up the claim," she yelled to the elf who had insisted on checking with her first. 

"But we thought..." began the elf.

"But you thought what? When I arrived in the city did I or did I not order search parties sent into the woods for my missing party members? Did I or did I not give brief descriptions of these people to be circulated around the city so that they would not be treated so," she interrupted.

"But I was out on patrol and did not.." tried to defend the elf. 

"No excuse. On coming back to the city you should have reported to your superior rather than imprisoning the pair. He would have set things to rights and my friend would have been free to explore the city. Now go, you are now responsible to ensure that good rooms are prepared for her and whoever was with her." With those words the other elf scurried away and Naria took a deep breath. 

"Apprentice it is good to see you. I feared for you when I received word this morning that the others had arrived without you," Naria greeted. "Though to hear you arrived with an drawf. I didn't even know any resided in these woods."

"Apparently one does," I said, shrugging my shoulders.

"Ah well I shall see he is given rooms, though I'm sure he won't appreciate it and some of the others might complain. There is little love lost between the drawves and the elves," she said, leading me towards the door. "For now I shall lead you to where the others should be. I haven't seen them yet myself. They arrived late last night and I was not awoken to be told. This morning they were still asleep when I arose."

I nodded. Before long we had arrived at the rooms of the others. "Mariena," cried Aileah warmly. "I thought we had lost you."

"As did I mage child. You disappeared quickly with at least two of the beasts on your tale. How did you live to tell the tale?"

I was just about to explain, when suddenly there was a commotion at the door. "Human mage I demand you do something. The elves let me out of their dungeon but they refuse to let me leave the city," ranted Greyson, bursting into the room. The others all turned to stare at the little drawf.

The End

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