Naria: Feels like home

I lay on my balcony bed, looking out at the sun setting through the leaves of the trees.

"Naria?" I turned. Valdir stood in the archway.

"Valdir!" I slid off my bed and hugged him.

"Do you remember when we were little and we used to race each other through the trees?"


"Well you want to do it again?"

I grinned at him. "Race you!" I leapt out of the window, hearing Valdir laughing behind me. Swinging down the ledge I jumped in to the trees and swung off, slipping along the branches smoothly. I reached a bend in the tree branch that curved downwards, and surfed down it, laughing all the way. Then I saw Valdir on the opposite branch laughing at me and speeding up. I flung myself from the tree and in to the next, seeing Ramin standing on the branch. I waved.

The End

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