Mariena - Stuck with Greyson

Despite his vow of wanting silence Greyson was talkative in his surly manner as we walked. However I couldn't interrupt and boy did I want to, considering most of his conversational topics were what he saw as the many many flaws of humans, elves and mages. It was beginning to do my head in a little.

Finally at one point we stopped to make camp. I would have been happy to keep walking all night but Greyson insisted, commenting on some of the creatures which inhabit this wood after dark. Plus I really hadn't realised how far away I had portaled myself. 

"Not all humans are theiving murdering cowards who would betray their own mother if they could you know," I was finally able to get in. "and not all mage's are horrible power hoarding bastards who abuse their powers."

"Oh and I suppose your going to use yourself as an example human mage?" Greyson asked, raising an eyebrow and looking at me with a look of pure skepticism. 

"Well I've never murdered anyone, I don't steal if I can help it, and I'm afraid I don't even know my own mother, but if I did I sure wouldn't betray her," I defended.

"Died or abandoned?" the drawf asked.

"Abadoned," I murmured softly. 

The drawf nodded. "You just prove my point about your race. What kind of mother could just abandon it's young like that.

We sat in silence for a  few minutes, before I tried to defend my race again. "Well not all mages hoard power and the like. I think we should use our power for the greater good and help whoever is worthy of help and not just those who can pay for it."

"And I bet your considered a freak among your people. Besides who would decide who was worthy? You would and then you would be hoarding the power and sharing it only based on your own flawed sense of moral justice."

The drawf rose then. "I am tired of this conversation. We sleep now. Tomorrow I should have you at the elven city.

And with that he moved away from the campfire a little and curled up to sleep.

The next morning we set off again. There was a little conversation but, to my great surprise, no longer was it concerned with the flaws of the inferior races, as he called us, but on explaining about some of the other creatures of this wood. Some of them were certainly bone chilling and I found myself eyeing the forest around me, not sure if all he was telling was the truth, or if he was exaggerating to scare me. 

It was late in the afternoon when a voice suddnely stopped us. "Who enters the lands of the city of the elders?" a tall elf asked, stepping out of the shadows. "Oh a human and a drawf," he sneered.

"I am friends with Naria," I explained, hoping this elf would not deny us entry. "Has she arrived yet?"

"And yet you arrive separately. Interesting. Come, Naria currently resides in the city. We will see what she says to this foolish claim of yours to knowing her. Guards!" And with that more elves appeared, dropping out the trees all around us. I glanced over at Greyson, who was muttering furiously under his breath. The little drawf had gone surprisingly pale, and was looking around as if looking for an escape route. I glanced at the bows and arrows of the elves surrounding us. 

"I should never have escorted you this far," human mage he suddenly muttered, glaring at me in pure anger.

"I am sorry Greyson. They won't hurt you I promise. I'll see to it when we meet up with Naria,"I swore, as the guards took positions around us, and began marching us towards the elven city. 

The End

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