Ramin: Elven City

We walked through the streets with Valdir, as he escorted us to the palace.

The elven city was one of the most wonderous I have ever seen. It was not clouded in smoke like some dwarven places I have seen when I used to navigate the coach in trade. Nor was it rustic, like many of our stone houses. The towers were tall and purest white, as if they had been fashioned out of ivory. (Though being elves I knew this wouldn't actually be the case as ivory would mean killing an animal for needless materials.)

Atop the towers were domes, domes of many colours accented with gold. It was all very luxorious. I believe the buildings were colour coded as the armouries seemed to be blue domed, while the palace was red-domed.

The streets were lined with flowers, blooming in a multitude of colours. There were no pavements and even in boots the ground seemed soft and well-looked after. Trees grew happily in town squares and seemed to sway in the gentle breezes.

Some buildings seemed older than others, but they were no less pretty. Ivy climbed their frames, encasing them with their emerald beauty. I looked around in awe. Then something caught my attention, something I had not seen before.

It was a stables, but in them were not horses. They were filled with hippogryphs and griffins. Their beauty left me in awe. I turned to Naria, "Are these your steeds?" I murmured, looking at their beautiful coats.

The griffins looked ferocious with thier lion's, tigers and panther's claws and hinds and the falcon, eagle and vulture fronts.

The hypogryphs looked majestic with their steed hinds of many colours and their blue-bird, robin and parrot fronts. I guessed that the griffins were raised for battle and hunting, while the hypogryphs were raised to travel. As they seemed so alike in nature, they seemed so different in looks.

I stood, with my mouth wide open. I had often heard of them. But I had not seen one before.

The End

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