Naria:Elven city

We set off in to the forest, following the svithark. I glanced at Ramin, noticing he was also glancing at me. He had called me his love. And I was fine with that. I smiled. He smiled back. Slowly we drifted together, until we walked, Armes in front, with us together.

"Do you know anyone in the elven city?"

"Of course. I am elf aren't I?" I started checking my ears mockingly. He smiled and took my hand.

"Yes, and a very beautiful one at that."

I blushed and looked down at our linked hands as we walked.

 The trees began to look greener, less twisted, and soon we came in to a part of the forest which looked as alive and beautiful as the one I was from. I knew the elf city was here somewhere. I turned to Ramin.

"We're nearly there."


I leaned in and kissed his cheek, and then turned. The white gates of the elf city were in front of us. I sighed. It was so beautiful. We entered the gates. Someone would come and meet us.  A few steps further and I heard elves coming to meet us.

"Stop! State your purpose!" A dozen elves stepped out of the trees, armed and ready. Then a tall elf stepped out from the trees. It was he that had spoken. He looked, firstly at Armes, then at Ramin, and lastly at me.



The End

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