Mariena - Lost

I was wondering the forest alone, in what I hoped was the right direction, the rustling behind me keeping my fear alive and making it so I could not my magic still. For all I knew I was getting further away from where I wanted to go. 

I knew there was next to no chance I could repeat my trick with the ripping of space as I did. I had done it in desperation, and besides, even I could repeat it how would I even begin to control where it took me?

Suddenly the rustling came from right in front of me. I gave a shriek as a small chubby man, about half the height of a human, suddenly stepped into my bath. His beard was black and bushy, and his face lined. It took me a moment to realize I was looking down at a drawf.

"What are you doing here human? This land be my land. I claimed it good and fair," he greeted me in a brusque, unpleasant manner. The word human was sneered, as if it was a word for something he found disgusting.

I stared at the drawf, not sure if  it was going to attack me, or help me. In its hand was a large axe for such a small man. I decided to be honest and tell the truth. 

"I kind of got lost," I admitted, glancing down at my feet. 

"Lost ye say. And yet your trail starts abruptly right in the middle of my land. Are you a mage human?" I thought there was no word he could sneer more than the one human when he greeted me, but apparently he seemed to feel less respect for mages than for humans. 

"I am a mage yes. But I did come to these parts unintentionally. A pack of wolvenmutes were chasing me, and I used magic to escape and..."

"Oh a likely story human mage, a likely story," the drawf interrupted me. "Or more like you were thinking old Greyson has been hoarding magical trinkets again and came to steal them. Well I tell you, I'm not theiving your stupid talismans again, so you can just leave."

I stared at the drawf in shock. "Uh, I'm sorry if this seems rude, but I've never even heard of the name Greyson. And I have little concern about trinkets at the moment. I just want to get back to my friends. I would happily leave your land if I knew in which direction to go."

The drawf began muttering to himself, and I noticed his hand was gripped tighter on the axe. I hoped he wasn't going to decide to attack me. Suddenly he spoke. "Maybe you speak the truth human mage, and maybe you don't. I think I shall escort you off my land to see that you leave."

"Oh thank you. I was so lost, and..." I began to say gratefully, until the drawf interrupted again. 

"I don't do this for you human mage," he said, making the two words sound more and more insulting each time he said it. "I do this so that I am rid of you. And don't be worried that I'll lead you astray, I don't want to risk you having to cross my land again. Now where do you go?"

"To the city of the elf elders," I stated. The drawf began muttering under his breath again, and from the sound of it his words were not pleasant. Eventually he spoke to me again. 

"Alright I will escort you as close to those tree dwellers as I dare so you can't use getting lost again as an excuse to stumble back here and try to find my caves. But thats as far as we'll go human mage. Now lets start walking." And with that he set off at a brisk pace, back the way we had come. It seemed i was walking in the wrong direction after all 

"Thank you Greyson, thank you," I said gratefully. "My name is.."

"I do not wish to know your name human mage," the drawf interrupted. "Or care for you to use mine. In fact, I do not much care for talking. We walk."

The End

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