Ramin: Take to the Skies

I put my hand on the svithark’s back, begging it not to hurt the creature further. It opened its wings and she burst into flames, charging at the minnahorn and the minnahorn charged back. They both shrieked as they were about to collide, but the svithark pulled upwards, scorching the minnahorn with her trail of flames. The minnahorn reared and whinnied before turning and fleeing into the shadows of the trees again. I put a hand on the beautiful svithark as it landed again before us.

I stroked her beak softly and she chirped, her bright pink feathers glinting in the sunlight. “Thank you, svithark.” It shook its head and I smiled a little wider. “Can you lead us to the elven city?” She nodded and rested her head on my shoulder and I smiled, “Your debt is paid, svithark.”

She hopped back, looked at me and with what seemed like a smile, took to the skies. I turned, placing my hands on Naria’s shoulders, “are you okay?” I took a slight pause, “my love?”  

The End

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