Naria: Svithark

Backed against the wall, with a dangerous looking creature I'd never seen before coming towards us, was a terrifying experience.  I felt Ramin and Armes on either side of me, and knew that at least there was no better way to die than with my best friend, and the man I love.                                                                                                                     

I took Ramin's hand and squeezed it, then bared my sword, ready to be attacked.     

The creature charged.

A svithark swooped down in front of us, batting the creature with its wings. The creature roared and charged again and again at the great bird. I saw Ramin's face, and it was obvious that this bird was connected to him. He hadn't told me he had the connection. But then he probably didn't know.

Blood spouted from the horned creature, and I heard Ramin cry out. Looking over I saw respect and yet hurt in his eyes. Although he was grateful that the svithark was saving our lives, it was obvious he did not want to see a creature in pain. Very much like our race. I wonder whether he has any link to our race in his past.

The svithark shrieked its death cry.

The End

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