Mariena - Running for my life

I ran through the forest. I could hear the sound of the beasts behind me, could feel the heat of their breath on the back of my neck. They were so close, and my little daggers would be nothing against them. I needed my magic back under my control and I needed it now.

As I ran, I racked my brain for a spell I could use, anything that could get me out of this situation. I had wanted adventure and danger came with that, but I hadn't wanted this, to be running for my life on my second day out. 

The creatures seemed to be closing in on me. From the bushes to the side I could hear more rustling and feared that maybe there was more creatures in this small pack than the two who eagerly chased me now. Perhaps I was to be dinner to a whole family of this foul beast, perhaps even now they were encircling me, forcing me into a trap. I was beginning to feel even more afraid for my life, if that was even possible.

Reaching to the depths of my power I pushed, hoping for something, for anything to work to get me out of here and away from these creatures. I pushed with the magic in desparation and did something which was only rumoured to be possible, I opened a small rip between two places in this world.

Not hesitating I stepped through the gap, sensing rather than seeing it close shut behind me, locking the creatures on the other side. Free from that threat, I took a second to catch my breath, before suddenly looking around.

It seemed I was still in the same forest, only I was much deeper in. The light was dim here, less sunlight making it through the thick screen of the trees, and everything seemed so much more wild. If the Wolvenmute had attacked us while we had been on the path, in a more tame area of the forest, then anything could be lurking here, waiting to eat a young mage like me for dinner. All I knew was that I had to find a way to locate the elf city, or find the members of the group again. And yet, as things stood I had no idea which direction to begin to walk. 

A rustle from the bushes on one side of me made my mind up for me. Glancing nervously in that direction I began to walk the opposite way. When I felt secure enough I would try a spell to get my bearings, at the moment my fright addled brain was far too scared to even think of the incantations for such a spell. I would walk, and hope that no creatures attacked me, and that I would be able to calm my fear in order to use my power once more.

The End

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