Mariena - Creature to be scared of.

I had frozen when the creature had appeared from the trees. While I had read and been taught about such creatures seeing one in the flesh had me literally frozen still. I could not move if I wanted to. 

Luckily for me, the creature was focused on the others. I watched helplessly as Aiwendil attacked it with his sword, as it sliced open Jadir's cheek. I stood frozen as it spun around to attack our group again. It was only when it turned on Aileah, who stood guarding Jadir, sword ready, that I was able to speak.

I shouted the first incantation that came to mind, thrusting my hands out at the creature. It was a simple fire spell. Fire had been the first thing I had mastered, it had been the power I had unconsciously used when I manifested my powers the first time, and it was always the first thing I turned to an emergency.

Unfortunately for me, the fireball I sent at the Wolvenmute did little other than singe its fur, and make it madder. It seemed that in my fear I was not in control of my abilities. As the beast turned its ghastly red eyes towards me I tried the incantation again. A flame sputtered from my fingers and died. My fear was overcoming me, and there was little I could do. Daggers would be no good against this beast.

Worse still, I could suddenly see another one of these creatures circling our group. It seemed this one had brought a friend to dinner and at this second both of them were focussed on me. Hopefully the others would use this few seconds to escape, but that thought was far from my mind at the moment as I stared at the two horrible creatures.

I tried one more time to summon fire then, when it failed, did the only thing left to me. Screaming like the frightened girl I was, I ran, hoping that either I could outrun the beasts, or I could get control of my fear and my powers again. I ran, screaming, into the forest around me and hoped that I would see out the next hour.

The End

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