I was sure the tracks were a wolvenmutes and my suspicions were confirmed when I came across Ramin, facing two of the creatures. he was fighting them well, not letting them touch him. One lay dead on the floor.

I jumped in, just in time to find that another two of the creatures had joined the attack. Shooting one of them with my bow, I grabbed my sword and joined Ramin.

"Naria, what are you doing here?"

"Saving you."

"Leave me!"

"Never!" I attacked the nearest creature with my blade, keeping him at distance. He growled and looked at me with his red eyes. I flinched; they had no pupil or iris. The effect was terrifying. He growled and leapt at me again. I rolled to the side, cutting at his feet as he flew through the air. And then another of the creatures appeared out of the forest. Except this one was bigger. Much bigger.And had yellow eyes.

Ramin saw it too. "Oh gods. Naria, run!"

A ursusantus. Oh no. I saw the ulcers that covered the creature, and the black blood. I stood ready to fight. It leapt.

The End

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