Aileah: Waiting

  I had watched Naria race into the woods, and then Armes follow her, just after landing a kiss on Jadir.  He was stunned, his eyes lost in bewilderment. I shook my head. So Naria loved Ramin, Jadir loved Naria, and Armes loved Jadir. It was the oddest entanglement I had ever seen.

  "Where are they going?" I walked over to him, as he stood stock still staring after them.

   He turned his attention to me, his eyes still lost, "They are chasing after that stupid Ramin. Most like got himself in trouble with some sort of demon."

   I gulped. And Naria and Armes went after him. Jadir ran his hand over his face, sighing, his strong voice softening. "I was sent to keep her safe and bring her home in one piece. Everything seems to be going wrong."

   Naria. Armes loved him and Naria didn't, I could see. Why couldn't he see that himself?

   "They could be killed?" I murmured.

   "Indeed." Jadir clenched his fists. "Only if I could go after them....but no. I must stay here."

    Ailwendil walked over, his silver eyes meeting ours.  He nodded, and we stood in silence. Waiting.

    "Do you hear that?" muttered Ailwendil, holding his hand up after a moment.

    "Yes," I nodded, hearing heavy rustling in the woods coming from behind us. "What is that?"

   Ailwendil drew his sword just as some beastly blur came leaping from behind the bushes.  The horses screamed, pulling at the trees to which they were tied, and I heard a few shrieks from throughout our camp.  

    The horrific creature was frozen, staring at us with it's odd deep red eyes, lacking irises. It's green, matted fur stank terribly, as it bared it's ferocious yellow teeth. Jadir, Ailwendil, and I all had our swords pointed at this wolf like creature, though I kept glancing at Ailwendil, who seemed to hold the beast's gaze with his own.

    It pounced at us with a sudden rush, baring it's ugly teeth and claws, though Ailwendil expected it, slashing his sword in a fury. He cut open it's side, spilling ruby blood over the ground.  It hissed wildly, anger filling it's large eyes. In a blur of action, the creature reached out and clawed Jadir deeply on the cheek, and then began attempting to bite at Ailwendil and I as we backed up a few steps.

    Jadir was lying down on the ground, appearing as if he was in shock. The wound appeared deep from what I had seen, yet he grasped it with his hands, soaking his palms with his own blood. Soon he would loose too much.

     My heart racing, I charged the beast, brandishing Alayth. It's claws swiped at me as I backed the beast's advance, cutting at it's nose. The wolf-creature howled, throwing it's hideous head to the sky.  I took the opportunity to rush to Jadir's side to back sure he was alright as Ailwendil continued to spar with the beast.

  "Let me see," I murmured quickly, my eyes still flashing to the duel. I took his hand and gently pulled it away, revealing a deep gash just below his cheekbone. Blood was flowing rapidly, spilling all over his face.  I put my palm over it, hoping to heal it so that it would stop the bleeding for now.

    "Aileah!" cried Ailwendil.

    I spun around, leaping to my feet as the creature charged at me. I heard Mirena shout something as raised my sword, my feet spread wide apart to guard Jadir.



The End

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