Armes: Headstrong

Why were all the people around me so headstrong and wouldn't listen to orders.  Jadir came running to the front, ready to follow Naria but I blocked his path.

'No, you stay here.'

'But she'll die if she stays out there alone.'  He looked distressed, his forehead was creased and his eyes pleaded with me to let him go after her.

'I know, that's why I'm going after her.  You stay here and get the others safely to the elven city.  Do you promise me you'll do that?'

But Naria-'

'I can take care of Naria and Ramin but I need you to promise to look after the others.  It's safer on the path but you're not immune from attacks.  I need someone strong and brave like you to be incharge and protect everyone until I can get back.'  Jadir nodded.  'Thank you.'

I'm not sure if I regret what I did next.  I looked out into the darkness of the forest, into almost certain death.  There was no escaping from it, I had to go in.  I looked back and Jadir was still standing close to me.  Thinking it was the last time I could ever show him how I felt I took his face in my hands and kissed him.  'I love you.'

Not waiting to see his reaction, scared of what it might be, I took off into the forest, following the two sets of footprints.  The spark I had felt as our lips touched was still fizzing on my lips and my stomach was still feeling weak.  What if he didn't feel the same? 

I had been running for a few minutes when I saw another set of footprints join that of Naria and Ramin.  I bent down carefully to study them.  A wolvenmute.

I quickened my pace.  I needed to find them now more than ever.  The danger had now increased.  Even elven magic couldn't cure the wound of a wolvenmute bite and even if we got to help in time there was no garentee they would have the cure.

Trying to be as fast and silent as I could I charged through trees, dodging stray branches and unexpected roots.  Where are they?  I would be killed for sure if I was responsible for the death of the princess.  But that would be the easy option.  Having to live knowing what I had done, what I had failed to do and knowing I had lost a dear friend because of it.  I don't know what I'd do.

The End

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