Naria: Heading the party

Mariena at my side, and Armes and Aiwendil at the back,  we should be prepared for any attack.

Why did Ramin have to wander off on his own? Why? Was he stupid? Had I missed that during our time together? I stopped and looked at the footprints on the floor in front of me. He seemed to be in a hurry, and he definately had a goal. He had been walking purposefully.

Surely not...

The tracks led off to the side. Sighing, I began to follow, when Armes called to me.

"Naria! We must stay on the path."

"Ramin did not."

"We cannot go in to the woods without endangering everyone."

"He is already in danger." Armes made her way up to the front, with Jadir taking her place to protect at the back.

"Naria please. I know you feel for him, but following him in to certain death..."

"...So you believe he is dead. Armes, the only reason we are all on this quest is because of him. Without Ramin, what is the point in us continuing?"

She was silenced for a minute. "Then let us all go home." I stared at her.

"No. I will not." And then I ran in to the forest, following the marks left by Ramin. And then, I noticed other prints joined his. Following him. But not human or elf. I ran faster. I must find him.

The End

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