Mariena - Chasing Ramin

I was interrupted from my breakfast by Armes suddenly rushing through the camp, telling us to quickly gather our things because we were leaving in just a few minutes. Under her breath she kept muttering "Foolish humans. Always doing stupid things." I could tell she wasn't directing it towards the humans in the camp.

Soon we were all standing gathered in the clearing, ready to go. Naria explained the situation.

"It seemed Ramin has decided to go on without us into the dangerous forest," she began.

"Foolish human. Who would know these forests better than an elf who has traveled them before? Who better knows the dangers than us?" interrupted Armes, muttering.

Naria shot the other elf a look, before continuing. "Foolish as he may be, we are going after him. We walk, for as we said yesterday the road ahead is no place for a horse."

We nodded and, shouldering our packs, began to walk, Naria in the lead. Armes seemed to step to the back of the group, watching the forest as we walked and gesturing for Aiwendil to walk beside her. I assumed that, due to the sword he carried, he and Armes were to make up the rear guard on this perilous leg of the journey.

"Apprentice, you'll walk with me," Naria called, beckoning me to the front of the group. "If your magic is anywhere near as good as it appeared yesterday then I want you up here as part of the front guard for our little party. There are many creatures in these woods to fear, which could easily kill you, and some are only weak to magic."

I gulped, and nodded as Naria began to fill me in on the creatures to keep an eye out for. I had wanted adventure, and yet forgotten that danger played a big part of it. As Naria continued to explain about the creatures, I made myself scan the surroundings around me, as she was. I knew that chances are with her elven eye sight she would see any danger before me, but I had to be prepared. 

We made a quick pace, pausing only for Naria to look for continued signs that Ramin had passed through here. While we knew where he was headed, we wanted to ensure that we followed his path. This forest was dangerous, and confusing, and even a man such as Ramin could get lost in its depths. 

The End

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