Armes: What's the matter?

The night had been long, sitting up watching Aiwendil had tired me out and I was beginning to feel the effects of a lack of sleep.  I lay down on my now empty bedroll and closed my eyes for a moment.

A hand grabbed my shoulder and shook me awake.  'Armes?  Are you awake?'

'No,' I groaned.

'Sorry, I need your help.'  I opened one eye and looked at Naria.  'Please?'

'What is it?'  I opened my other eye and sat up so we were face-to-face.

'It's Ramin.  I can't find him.'  I lay back down, closing my eyes.

'He's probably around somewhere.  He's smart enough not to go wandering off around here, not when we're so close to the elven city.  It's dangerous round here and he knows it.'

'I'm not being stupid, he really isn't anywhere and no-one else has seen him for quite a while.'  Naria persisted.  'I'm worried he's gone on without us.  He's been getting restless.'

'I can understand.  He wants to find out who he is, who wouldn't be impatient?'

'I know but...'

'What?'  I sat up, alert at once.  'What are you not telling me?'  Naria looked slightly nervous.

'I saw him walking around the dark forest.  He had all his stuff with him.'

'Why didn't you stop him?!'

'I was in a tree at the time.  By the time I had reached the ground he had disappeared.'  I grabbed my bow and ran towards the forest.

'Get the others and tell them what's happened.  I'm going to see if I can find him.'  Why did he have to go wandering off by himself.  Humans!  They're always causing trouble.

The End

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