Ramin: Dark, Foul Creatures

The night was a hectic one, but I could not allow anyone to halt my quest. Sure, I now had a duty to my company to keep them safe but I endeavoured to push myself, so I slipped away from the party, they hindered me too much as of late.

So, standing tall I entered the forest, my sword unsheathed and my heart pumping loudly in my chest. I wished for it to stop as I was sure it would be heard by a wolvenmute. They were ghastly creatures with matted, green fur and contorted yellow teeth. Their eyes followed you, their deep red colouring constantly watching, (which was made even more scary by the fact they had no iris or pupil.) Their bite was infectious and if not treated immediatly by wolfsbane would surely kill.

But worse than the nimble wolvenmute's would be the ursusantus. Though a mouthful their name may be, if they ever get a mouthful of you or even a sight of you, you would be pronouced dead.  

They had the same eyes as the wolvenmute's but they were a putrid yellow colour. They had a deeper green fur that was covered in ulcers and cuts, oozing with black blood. They were bigger, a lot bigger than wolvenmutes and a more ferocious bite. These were truly creatures to be feared for you can even see the evil whisp off their giant forms in streams of black smoke.

I treaded carefully, minding each twig making not a breath that wasn't needed. I kept to my hunters insticts and I kept quiet. I kept very quiet. Especially as I heard the howling cries of a pack of wolvenmutes ahead.

It pierced the air, bringing with it terror; shooting through my body. I was but a human and not even an elf could speak to these creatures, or ask the trees for help. It was a dark, twisted place, contorted by the greediness of mage's so long ago. The day's walk to the elven city on the border of this forest would be a long one.

The End

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