Mariena -

When I awoke the next morning it was to the others being up, having already told our story to Aiwendil. It was to be expected, I normally sleep heavily after using the force of magic I had thrown at the demon. 

Getting up I noticed the camp was fairly empty. We hadn't left yet, but most of the people seemed to be elsewhere. Yet I was drawn back towards the strangers horse, and the glowing sword. It intrigued me.

When I reached it, I noticed the stranger was standing beside his horse. I nodded a greeting.

"Ah you must be the mage apprentice," he greeted. "I'm Aiwendil."

"Mariena," I replied. I noticed the sword was in his hands. Noticing my glance he smiled wryly.

"Your not the first mage to be drawn to this. Magic foreign to yours always draws your kind," he explained, holding it up.

"So it is full of magic?" I asked, intrigued.

"Yes," he answered. "It is full of divine elven magic. But you best throw off your fascination with it, I can't let you study it."

I nodded regretfully. I had of course been told elves had magic as well, and had seen examples of it in their singing and the way they spoke to the river yesterday. But apart from Gerome, the others had always been quick to dismiss the strength of the magic. To have it fill a sword with its power. 

"There's more elven magic around you?" I asked suddenly, glancing away from his sword. 

He nodded. "Perceptive child. Yes this talisman has also been touched by Elven magic. You can't study it as well."

I sighed. I wouldn't break it, or try to hoard it like others of my kind. I accepted that there were others type of magic out there, heck I had faced off against the demon yesterday. I shuddered at the thought. "That demon? It'll be back, once it gets its strength."

Nodding grimly, Aiwendil sighed. "They always come back. Now you should go mage child, I need some time with my thoughts and you should probably break your fast."

I nodded and left, leaving him to his thoughts. He was right after all, I could feel my stomach beginning to growl. A bit of food would go down a treat. And maybe some of the others would be around this time. I hastily made my way back to the campfire

The End

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