The crystal in my hand shone to myself and myself only. It was a way of protecting oneself from demons, the demons Aiwendil spoke of. My father would also be able to contact me through it if I accepted his call through the crystal. I slipped it in to my carrying pouch on my hip, looking around at the others. Aiwendil wished to know what we were doing, and Ramin would be the best to do that. I almost didn't look at him, since our kiss yesterday I had not been alone with him, and therefore we had not been able to talk. I felt silly, I was acting like a love-struck youngster. I resolved to be more adult. Making myself look at him, I realised he was going through the same struggle, and his eyes caught mine, his face splitting in to a grin. Then he turned to Aiwendil and described his situation, telling him of our journey to the elven elder, which would soon  be over, as we were but a day's travel from his home in the great trees.

I knew that within those trees lay those who had not seen me in years, and I could not wait to see them. I remembered that Valdir, my old sweetheart, lived with the elder, and I desperately wanted to see him again, although not in the same way I had once wished to see him again. Now I had grown up, and he was a distant memory, and Ramin now held the key to my heart. I heard my name being spoken, and looked up. Ramin was describing mine and  Armes arrival to the group. Aiwendil looked at me dispprovingly, but there was a twinkle in his eyes that suggested he would have done the same thing. When the tale was finished, Aiwendil nodded.

"Give me some time with my horse while I think of what I shall do." We left him, and I wandered over to a tree, swinging myself in to the branches and climbing to the top to look out over the lands again. I heard someone making their way up the tree beneath me.

The End

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