Aiwendil - Friend of the Elves

I must have passed out from the energy used to expel those demons, but I awoke to the sight of an elf watching me intently. I was, needless to say, rather intimidated at the sight of the elves and humans crowded around me.

Introductions over I stood up slowly and found my mare sipping from a spring.

The headache had subsided and my memory was coming back.

"What happened?" the elf asked again.

"The Demons of the Nether Realm had been chasing me for a week, as they feasted on my pain they grew stronger in this realm. They cornered me on the Hill of Celestarin over yonder way and so I fought them. Now they grow weaker and so shall seek lesser foes to once more regain their power..." I gritted my teeth slightly at this but reached into a saddle bag.

"But what is your story, what is your business in these parts," somebody asked.

"My story is a long one, but if you have the time then I shall tell it, or better yet, show it," I raised my hand and filled their minds with my memories.

I was once a Captain of the Kings Army, sworn to defend his Majesty against the Rebels in the Last Civil War almost 200 years ago.

The scene of the memory slowly came to sight. The road was high up, looking at farmland to the left and dense forest to the right, the Elfish border. Slowly the patrol came across a crossroads, the east rode leading to the great Elf City in Lithian, the North leading to Rivek and the west leading to the Human Capital. As we reached the crossroads there was a piercing war cry and several rebels leapt from their hiding places to attack us.

In an answering call we charged forth. I struck down one man with my sword Essentiar and then I engaged in a deadly duel with their leader. As I gained the upper hand, I noticed my sword began to glow. From the North came a terrible demon. It was large and it's skin looked charred with great horns on it's head and claws for hands. The monster towered over all of us as it loomed ever forward, casting a shadow upon our hearts.

The rebels ran for their lives but we stood firm. The monster reached us and from it's great maw came a roar of blood lust. I leapt forwards and as it's massive arms swept out in a killing arc, I rolled under but three of my men were knocked off their feet, dead before they hit the ground. I struck the monster on it's side, a pulse of light radiating from my sword. The monster in intense anger spoke a dark word and cast a shadowed veil over our eyes.

I could only hear the sound of swords as two of my men fought, but the third, my good friend Hadric, cried a rallying call that saw my sight restored. The monster grabbed Hadric and flung him off the side of the road and my two other soldiers had killed each other. In anger I shouted "Essentiar!" and the light engulfed the monster. In a final act of anger the monster struck my chest and I fell to the ground, the monster collapsing in death. My last image was that of a white mare bearing a female Elf.


I woke up in an Elven abode. There sat the female staring down at me... and beautiful she was. Her hair was silver as the sea at night dappled with moonlight which radiated from her eyes. Her face looked young and defined, her high cheekbones giving her a divine elegance matched by none. I was in love.

She carressed my face and spoke some Elfish word. I fell once more to sleep.

The scene changed again, we stood in the clearing of a forest with the trees in bloom, showering us in pale pinks and blues. A petal fell onto her nose which I picked up and blew away. The petal clustered together with many others creating a large blue bird that flew on the wind and fell apart.

"My Aiwendil, you learn fast the magic of the Elves and embrace it as your own," she gazed into my eyes lovingly, "and I have two gifts to share with you," she lightly placed a circlet on my head, "a circlet of the Elf-Lords, now they shall always know you as a friend of the Elves, an honoured one at that," she smiled and then from her neck took a pendant of silver, "and this is my talisman, with this age shall be slow to take you away from me and your power shall be increased."

Abruptly I ended the memory.

"What happened to her?" a female asked. I hung my head in sorrow.

"I have not the heart to tell that tale this day for it is still too close to my heart though it happened so long ago."

"Do I recognise you?" another female asked suddenly.

"Naria," I stared in surprise, "the princess herself, indeed you would know me for oft I have sought the council of your father and he mine. In fact I saw him recently, much distressed he is at your disappearance," I chuckled lightly and picked out a crystal from the bag, "in fact he asked me to give this to you, saying that you would know what it is."

She took it warily, "now," I said to them all, "I have been watching you for some time, for I can see many things, but since I have shared with you, I should wish that you would share with me."

The End

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