The disruption from the camp caused Ramin and I to leave our place by the pool and head back. We had just begun when Jadir appeared out of the trees and glared at Ramin.

"Jadir, what's happened?" I asked, trying to direct his attention away from Ramin.

"I don't know. I left before the commotion."

We arrived back just in time to see a white horse running in to the camp, with a slumped rider on it's back. Armes and I helped him down, and then Ramin and Jadir carried him to Armes' bedroll.

I watched Armes sitting at the side, watching the man with beady eyes. Smiling I went over to her.

"He sleeps still?"

"Yes. Only when he wakes will we know if we can trust him."

I stared at his face. He wasn't as handsome as Ramin, but that was my opinion, and he looked slightly elfish. I wondered whether that was my imagination. Suddenly he stirred.

"Where am I?" he muttered, blinking up at us.

The End

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