Mariena - Demons

As we all went to gather at the river I could feel strange magic coursing through the air all around me. The hairs on my arms were standing on end. 

There was a black cloud gathering in the sky, but it was not the cloud that was bothering me, once we could see it. Rather it was the streams of dark magic climbing from the ground, feeding the cloud. Quickly I began to silently murmur incantations, trying to fend off the magic, my eyes darting too and fro as I tried to pinpoint a source and direct my forces. Gerome had told me of Demons but I had never expected to face them here.

Suddenly I could sense their presence nearby. Looking up at the sky, in the cloud I could see the shadowy outline of something, possibly a demon. Rallying my strength, I thrust my hands up, palms towards the sky, and screamed out "I defy you!", sending a force of light towards it with all my strength. 

The cloud began to slowly disperse. I had wounded the demon and it had departed, but I feared it was not for good. However, few noticed the cloud dispersion as a strange man came suddenly galloping up to us. He was unconscious, and once the elves struggled to get him off the horse, and to camp, I followed, leading his horse.

I was immediately drawn to a strange staff tied behind his pack. It seemed to glow to me, filled with magic but of a kind unknown to me. I wished to study it, but knew that I shouldn't touch it, not without its owners permission and not without some little knowledge.

Armes provided a bedroll for the man when we reached camp and kept a silent vigal over him all night. I tried to sleep in my own bedroll, yet would rise every hour, to come stare at this strange man. There was something different about him, like a magic not of the human mages had been used upon him in some way. It confused me. 

Eventually Armes gave me a glare. "You need your rest mage. I'm sure whatever it is you did out there sapped your energy greatly. If I see you sneaking peaks once more and not sleeping I will tie you in your bedroll," she stated. Somehow I had a feeling she meant it.

Nodding meekly, I returned to my bedroll and tried to sleep for what was rest of the night

The End

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