Armes: Strange Human

The rumble from the other side of camp sent me running from my post, towards the sound.  Everyone else had gathered by the river and I went to join them, following their eyes to the black cloud overhead.

No-one said anything as we all stared at the cloud that was steadily growing across the sky.  It was clearly magical, something I couldn't fight with any of the weapons I was trained in.

'I defy you!'  As Mariena proclaimed this to the sky we our heads all snapped round to look at her, palms flat towards the sky.

'Someone is coming on horseback!'  Vilhelm yelled as loudly as he could.  I automatically put an arrow to the bow I always carried, prepared to fight anyone who threatened our safety.

A white horse came galloping out of the darkness, a rider slumped on its back.  It didn't seem startled when it saw us and kept running, straight through the river and up onto our side where it stopped.

'Who is he?'  I asked as I followed Naria to the horse's side.  He was a human, dark haired and strongly built but looked tired, like he'd known too much of the world.

'I don't know, but he doesn't look good.'  Naria tried to take the man from his horse but staggered under his weight.  I caught them both before they stumbled backwards.

'Can we have some help here?!'  I yelled at the others who were standing around staring.  On command both Jadir and Ramin came forward and took the man from Naria's arms.  'Take him to camp, he looks like he needs rest.'  I followed the two men back to camp and arranged for the unknown human to be put on my bedroll.

I sat next to the fire, watching him and waiting for any signs that he might be waking up.  Others came and went but the man didn't stir as everyone else went to bed.  My watch finished but I didn't sleep.

I wasn't sure I trusted this man, even if I had given up my bedroll for him, and I didn't want him to kill us in our sleep.

The End

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