Vilhelm: Cacophony

Jadir stood up quickly and muttered something that sounded like “I feel their presence,” but I couldn’t be sure. The rest of the company around the fire was quick behind his heels. I was in last place, happy to take a leisurely – albeit steady – pace.

By the time we reached the river, the rest of our group could be heard coming to the same spot from a different direction.

“We heard the commotion and had to come see,” Ramin said, panting just a little.

The sky was turning black quicker than I had ever seen before. A sound of thunder could be heard in the distance. The sound traveled faster than normal, creating an echoing boom in its wake. My first thought was magic.

I looked over at Mariena to see her reaction. She was looking at the ground, her eyes darting to and fro. Her lips were muttering phrases unheard. Then, she thrust out both arms toward the sky, palms out, saying in a loud voice, “I defy you!”

In all that confusion there was another sound. I concentrated to hear what it was, my eyes shut to block out all visual stimuli. Everyone else seemed to be concentrated on Mariena (whom I was now ignoring) and the celestial phenomenon.

“Someone is coming on horseback,” I yelled as loud as I could to get over the cacophony in progress.

The End

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