Mariena - Camp

It had felt so much better to have bathed after riding all day. I had been quick, so that the others could take their turns, then sat before the campfire, directing its heat a little with magic so that it could surround and dry my hair. It might seem a petty use of the magic, but it was important that I practice a little magic each day.

Across from me sat Jadir, Armes having just left to take first watch. He was more concerned with watching the forest, my guess for a trace of Naria, than with talking to me or even noticing I was there. My hair dried, I channeled a little of the fire into my hands, switching it from hand to hand as practice.

Eventually I was joined by Vilhelm, who from his damp hair had appeared to have just washed as well. 

"So you really have the magic girl?" Vilhelm asked, indicating the fire in my hand, and causing me to lose my focus. The fire winked out and I looked at him startled.

"Yes. It vexes my father and many of the others that I was born a girl and could have this gift," I replied softly. 

"I'm surprised you managed to find one of them willing to train you. From my experience mages are set in their ways," Vilhelm remarked.

I looked at him startled. "You've had experiences with my people before?" I asked.

Vilhelm smiled. "Well I am an old man, who collects knowledge. There is much I have done within my life."

I nodded, before turning back to his original question. "Father struggled to find someone willing to take me on. If he could have denied my gifts, then he would have, but I nearly burnt the house down in a fit of rage. Shocked both of us."

"But he did find someone eventually?" Vilhelm questioned.

I smiled. "Gerome is a little eccentric among our people. While everyone else saw me as something as an oddity that should be stamped out rather than encouraged, Gerome believed potential should be nurtured, no matter the form."

Vilhelm nodded. "I see"

Aileah joined us then, warming her hands in front of the fire. "You know if we had a drawf join us it would be just like something from a story," she remarked, glancing around at our odd party. Naria and Ramin were still missing.

Suddenly Jadir stood up, muttering something, and took off in the direction of the river. 

The End

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